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Translated: Hollywood is a “Land of Dreams.” Amanda Seyfried After 10 years of efforts, from the big supporting role went to line, quickly became popular than many stars, but also know how to cherish everything we have carved.

“I am very lucky, because I slowly experience the whole process of fame, so did not face a loss of Vanity Fair.”

“This is my first trip to Hong Kong, there is really a cosmopolitan city and I can see the harbor from the hotel room the night, with panoramic views of Victoria Harbour Skyline really shocked where everyone has power, but also very friendly, and I enjoyed the stay here time. “Amanda Seyfried said.

To make a two-day whirlwind arrival Amanda can view Hong Kong as the backdrop, “ELLE” cover shoot featuring special arrangements full of sailing – Cheung Po Tsai No. photographed at Harbour Centre. Unexpectedly day shooting volatile, yet adapt to the time difference, she finished second photo on the ground become tired. Fortunately, she completed filming professionally, so that the audience responded with applause. “I’m sorry, did not seem to take on board the expected interesting.” Said the editor. Amanda smiled politely: “No, but I forget myself not too long board to play.”

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Ruven Afanador posted some beautiful outtakes of Amanda Seyfried on his Facebook page!

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This issue will be out on new stands April 22, 2013! Keep checking back for magazine scans.

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Check out these beautiful outtakes of Amanda Seyfried from Un-titled Project by Malerie Marder.

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Check out this new photo I found of Amanda Seyfried and her co-stars from ‘The Big Wedding’ photoshoot!

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Here are two photos of Amanda Seyfried as Cosette from Les Misérables from December’s issue of Vogue. Photos were taken by the talented photographer, Annie Leibovitz. To check out the rest of the cast photos visit our facebook page.

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Check out this new photoshoot of Amanda Seyfried did for Vanity Fair UK by Simon Emmett. These photos are breath taking!