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I’ve added 10 new photos to our gallery of Amanda Seyfried posing for Dusan Reljin.

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Amanda Seyfried in Lovelace

“Deep Throat is a disgusting film. It’s not artistic, even though it was the first feature-length porn movie to be released in theaters. It does have a plot, which is funny. But the long scenes of people having sex were not interesting to me. I watched 20 minutes, and that was enough.”

I’ve added 8 brand new ‘Lovelace’ promotional photos to our gallery!

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I’ve added 22 outtakes from a photoshoot Amanda Seyfried did back in 2011 for Yo Dona magazine. Thanks to miss.seyfried!

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I’ve added 47 new photos to our gallery of Amanda Seyfried posing for Mattias Vriens-McGrath back in 2010. Thank to

I’ve added three photos of Amanda Seyfried to our gallery of a promotional photoshoot she did for ‘Epic’.

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I’ve added some new production stills and promotional photos to our gallery of ‘Lovelace’. Also make sure you tune into Late Show With David Letterman this Tuesday to see Amanda!