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Sony Pictures Classics has provided another sneak peek to “Chloe” by debuting new international trailer. Offering a look at many fresh footage, the snippet sees Julianne Moore who hires an escort, played by Amanda Seyfried, to seduce her husband whom she suspects of cheating.

Successful doctor Catherine and music professor David are a married couple who has a 17-year-old son, Michael. To an outsider they have everything but, in reality, both their careers and raising a troubled teen have put strains on their marriage and all forms of communication have been lost.

When a series of evidences leads to a suspicion that her husband is cheating, Catherine hires irresistible young woman Chloe to test David ‘s fidelity. But Chloe’s torrid tales of her encounters with David take Catherine on a journey of sexual and sensual re-discovery, putting her family in great danger.

Joining Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried in the cast ensemble is Liam Neeson who plays David. Additionally, “Chloe” has Nina Dobrev, Max Thieriot, Meghan Heffern and many others in supporting roles. This drama thriller is set to be unleashed in limited U.S. theaters on March 26.

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This year there are two films based on Nicholas Sparks books hitting your local cinema. On Friday (February 4), fans can see Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum fall in love in “Dear John” and, come this March, Miley Cyrus will find love with Liam Hemsworth in “The Last Song.” So, are Seyfried and Tatum feeling a little competitive?

“If ‘The Last Song’ was coming out the same weekend as ‘Dear John,’ we’d have to collaborate on some sort of sabotage mission,” Seyfried joked.

But Tatum notes that there’s no reason for them to worry since the films are opening weeks apart, with “The Last Song” not hitting theaters until March 31. “No, not any more competition than all the rest of his movies coming out,” he said. “I think all his films are very, very separate from one another with one theme: love. We’re not competing for the same weekend.”

With that all cleared up, it seems obvious that fans will love “Dear John” for the same reasons they have flocked to the theaters for other Sparks films: The man knows a lot about love. “Look, he’s got, like, a magic wand when it comes to heartstrings,” Tatum said. “I think he’s a hopeless romantic himself and he just really loves writing about it in really sexy places and really sexy ways. Not to be cheesy or melodramatic — everyone wants to feel loved and that their love is special, and when they read about these once-in-a-lifetime sort of relationships and loves, it’s a great place to go away and escape.”

I capped last nights episode of Big Love. If you haven’t seen it I think it’s one of the most drama-filled episodes of the season yet. I won’t give anything away, so if you want to know what happened, go watch it!

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Romance proved to be a powerful foe for the epic “Avatar,” which has dominated the box office for the last seven weekends. The Lasse Hallstrom-directed romantic drama “Dear John” won the weekend in a big way, grossing an estimated $32.4 million and setting a record for the highest-grossing Superbowl Sunday frame in history.

“Avatar” fell to second place for the first time, dropping a still scant 25 percent to $23.6 million. The James Cameron film has now out-grossed every movie in the history of cinema (as long as we don’t adjust for inflation) with a domestic take of an astounding $630 million.

The other wide release, “From Paris With Love,” didn’t have nearly as an auspicious debut. The R-rated actioner from “Taken” director Pierre Morel mostly drew audiences interested in John Travolta’s turn as an over-the-top, gun-toting renegade CIA operative, yet earned only an estimated $8.1 million.

Much of “Dear John’s” success can be attributed to a successful marketing campaign targeted towards women, who comprised 84 percent of the audience. The movie, which was based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel, was financed entirely by Relativity Media, and distributed by Sony’s Screen Gems division. It bested the previous record held by 2008’s concert film “Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds” which opened to $31.1 million.

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Amanda is like a robot she always keeps going and going. After all this promoting for ‘Dear John’ I hope she gets some rest and relaxes before her ‘Chloe’ promoting.

Out in New York – 02/06

PIX 11 Morning Show (Backstage) – 02/04

The ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ in NY – 02/04

Heading to the Apple store in SoHo – 02/04

Personal Pictures

Grabbing coffee at ‘Think Coffee’ with a friend in New York – 02/06

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Four episodes into the series’ fourth season, the cable network has renewed the Playtone-produced show for a fifth season.

Big Love which centers on Utah native Bill Henrickson (Bill Paxton) as he balances the needs of his three wives (Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloe Sevigny, Ginnifer Goodwin) and their broods, drew 1.7 million viewers for its season premiere last month. That was up 49% from Season 3’s opener.

Despite facing the NFC Championship and the Grammys the past two Sundays, the modestly rated series is tracking 13% higher than last season.

“Love,” whose current story line centers on Henrickson running for office, will be getting “deeper and darker” in the second half of the season, according to creators Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer.

With four eventful seasons, the fifth cycle will take a breather, “settling into the stortytelling,” Olsen said. Added Scheffer, “We want to take the temperature of the marriages.”

With the exception of the departing Amanda Seyfried, the series’ core cast will come back for Season 5, with Olsen and Scheffer also mulling a possible return for new additions Zeljko Ivanek and Sissy Spacek.

“Love,” which earned its first best series Emmy nomination last year, is executive produced by Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, David Knoller, Bernadette Caulfield, Olsen and Scheffer. (THR)

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Behind the cut is my review of the film that I was able to see early this morning.

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