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Amanda Seyfried is ashamed of kissing Megan Fox on-screen? Seyfried doesn’t want her mother to see her kissing Megan. Amanda was mortified when her parents insisted on watching ‘Jennifer’s Body’ in which Amanda and Megan share a steamy encounter.

Amanda Seyfried: “It was my first time doing a real kissing scene with a woman. It is just weird. It is a woman. With a woman’s smell – soft and floral-y – and maybe the pheromones are different. Something about it felt uncomfortable for me.”

Amanda added: “My mom and dad have just seen a film of mine with nudity. My mom saw me have sex with two different types of people on screen. She knows it’s acting but it’s not necessarily OK with me.I have a love scene with Julianne Moore in ‘Chloe’. When you are done with the scene, you just think, ‘Oh God, I can do anything. I have just had sex with a woman!’ – via Monster & Critics

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